The “Inspirations” exhibition at the Art Centre

From 30 October to 31 January 2023

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Saint-Cyr-sous-Mer, Inspirations
From 30 October 2022 to 30 January 2023


Under the waters of the bay of Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer: a summary of what can be discovered in the Mediterranean, with the added bonus of aesthetics!

The Centre d’Art Sébastien proposes to bring together from 30/10/2022 to 30/01/2023 a diver and four female snorkelers for an immersive exhibition in the sea bed of Saint-Cyr-Sous-Mer. “INSPIRATIONS” takes on a double meaning, that of the freedivers on the one hand, but also that of the photographer who reveals himself in the deep blue. The silence, the immensity, the play of light and shadow, the life, the wrecks, the smallest rock, the posidonia that dance to the rhythm of the marine currents, but also the introspection and the feeling of solitude, everything, everything is subject to wonder. This wonder that we like to share with an audience that does not know what is going on down there, that does not know that we can also play, meditate, discover, metamorphose, surpass ourselves for a time, a time only that is counted to us.

Thus, as soon as you enter the Centre d’Art Sébastien the tone is set, welcome to Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer, the town that lies between land and sea, air and water, with photos that won the French nautical resort prize for innovation in communication. A real photographic and human performance, which offers a shifted and humorous vision of this double territory.

From room to room, the immersion is total, from the deep blue to the underwater walk, through the artistic photo and the short film, everything is organized to invite the greatest number of people to an aquatic stroll full of emotions and inspirations…


Presentation of the artists :


Sylvain BES

Apnéiste, instructeur, photographe ,


Photographe aquatique


Apnéiste , photographe


Apnéiste, photographe


Lucille SALIOU

Apnéiste, instructrice, photographe


Fabien RANOU

Apnéiste photographe


Please note that all the photos presented were taken in the bay of Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer during the “Rencontres de l’image sous-marine en apnée de la Madrague”, organised by “Omniblue freedive” in partnership with the Tourist Office and the town of Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer.


Between land and sea,

A seaside resort and a wine-growing area, both very popular with tourists; or how to represent the city in its duality?
Bringing together air and water in a single photo, mixing nautical pleasures on the surface with land-based activities below. Humour and performance… These photos taken in real conditions, offer the visitor a peaceful contemplation, but which technically is a real prowess of the apneists and the photographer, because the sea cannot be tamed, it must be adapted to.

L 270 x H 170cm_2
P 9- Nicolas BERTEYAC_Jeauconde

The Big Blue

The Centre d’Art Sébastien allows a hanging at the height of its walls, so the scenic and the choice of photos offer a real immersion in the silence of the big blue.


Artists, freedivers and photographers

When the sea inspires, aesthetics and performance come together to create beautiful images and even if time is short for the
time is limited for the shooting, there is no limit to the artist’s inspiration.


Total immersion via video

As an actor
Without getting wet, the visitor is invited to take a zen walk, in the middle of the bubbles, the eddies and the waves. They “swim” in silence surrounded by water and light, discovering calm and soothing sensations. Immersed, they discover this serenity through the video projected in 360° in a dedicated room.

Practical information to visit the exhibition

Centre d’art Sébastien

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Open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm

Admission 1€ – Children free

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