Theatre: Book for the Folle Histoire de France

Immerse yourself in a slapstick comedy that will make you want to reopen your history books!


the Compagnie Terence et Malik brings you a new play

Friday 29 March


Espace Provence


Theatre: ” La folle Histoire de France ” (The Mad History of France)

“La folle histoire de France” is a show by Nicolas Pierre and Farhat Kerkeny, aka Terrence and Malik, who will take you through the craziest history lesson with the teacher we’ve all dreamed of having and the world’s worst dunce.

You’re not in the theatre, you’re in the classroom, and Terrence welcomes the audience, who become students again for an hour of detention. This detention is interrupted by the arrival of Malik, who has come to play the clown in front of his classmates. He is quickly punished by Terrence and forced to revise his history test.

But it’s no easy task in the face of the mischievousness of this repeat pupil with 20 years of Year 5 under his belt! Terrence will have to use all his patience, passion and knowledge to bring our story to life and make Malik want to learn. Except that the more he goes into detail about the facts, the more Malik will deflect the answers and the more the story will descend into madness. “

The audience is not left out, with children and adults alike invited to play their part. Delegates, dunces or naysayers, everyone participates in their own way. In the end, when the bell rings for the end of school, you realise that all you want to do is keep learning while having fun!