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the théâtre de la Clémentine presents the play “Art”.

on Friday 03 May



Espace Provence


” Art “

Art is a play about friendship and the complex mechanisms of relationships that bind people together. Starting with an event that could remain harmless and without consequences, everything is turned upside down and the unspoken words, resentments and disappointments lead to a no-holds-barred reckoning. The humour is omnipresent, the laughter mixed with the bitterness of the words.

“My friend Serge bought a painting. It’s a canvas about one metre sixty by one metre twenty, painted white.

The background is white, and if you blink your eyes, you can make out fine white transverse lines.

My friend Serge has been a friend for a long time, he’s a very successful man, he’s a dermatologist and he loves art.

On Monday, I went to see the painting that Serge had bought on Saturday but had been coveting for several months… a white painting… with white edging…”.

Three characters :

  • Serge , who bought the Francisco Solis painting
  • Marc , the one who doesn’t like Philippe Guy
  • Yvan , the man who doesn’t want to hurt anyone Jacques Barant

Directed by Patricia Colombel

affiche théâtre art

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