Vue du Nouveau port des Lecques


The ports of Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer


While contemplating the many shades of blue, you hear the clinking of the masts and the water lapping against the hulls. After admiring the beauty of the New Port, you wave to the pleasure sailors in the Old Port, stroll along Les Lecques beach, and finally discover the little traditional port of La Madrague…


A real picture-postcard scene!

The New Port of Les Lecques

A picturesque stopover on a human scale, this 431-capacity port offers places for visitors. It is managed by the Nouveau Port des Lecques agency.



Practical information about the New Port of Les Lecques :
New Port Harbourmaster’s Office: 04 94 26 21 98
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The Old Port of Les Lecques

Neighbouring the New Port, just a few metres from Les Lecques beach, the Old Port of Les Lecques is a picturesque stopover on a human scale: 200 places are reserved here for visitors.


Practical information about the Old Port of Les Lecques
Harbourmaster’s Office: 04 94 26 44 49


La Madrague port

Brigitte Bardot once sang about a port named like it, and this intimate little port, with its small colourful boats, is a truly tranquil spot. You will be able to rub shoulders with a few local fishermen and admire a variety of sea creatures at the little aquarium based here.

Practical information about La Madrague :
Harbourmaster’s Office: 04 94 26 39 81


Did you know?

La Madrague takes it name from a net designed for tuna fishing.




Label Pavillon bleu

The ports of Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer (La Madrague, Les Lecques Old Port and New Port) enjoy European Blue Flag status.

Created by the French branch of the Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe, Blue Flag status recognises and highlights, on an annual basis, localities and marinas demonstrating ongoing commitment to a policy of research and sustainable engagement in favour of environmental quality (website of Saint Cyr sur Mer: mairie de Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer).


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