Nartette in autumn


Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer has the good fortune to be one of the eight  Var communes which are part of the Bandol PDO.


This is a wine appellation on a human scale, with 1,600 hectares of vineyards. Around sixty cellars and estates produce unique wines in limited quantities using an unusual grape variety, Mourvèdre, which is highly temperamental and enhanced by exceptional natural conditions. Turning off a country road in the hinterlands of Saint-Cyr, you will be fascinated to find out all about this demanding grape variety which requires special care and attention.


Special procedures, patience and experience.

Nartette automne réduite (56)

Come and meet our passionate winemakers

learn about their love of the vines, the soil, their high quality standards, and hear them discuss their know-how. Estates, cellars and châteaux are scattered all along the Bandol wine route, and will offer you the warmest of welcomes. The expression of the local terroir and “Bandol know-how” come in three colours: reds, a real benchmark, rosés, charming and lively, and whites, exceptionally refined.


All you need is to taste them !


The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health. Consume with moderation.

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