Dune de sable

The Sand hill

The Aeolian dune

A landscape phenomenon unique to the region.

Formed over centuries by the effect of the mistral wind pushing grains of sand from Les Leques beach up against the flank of the hill, the body of sand visible at Nartette is in fact the overflow from the main build-up located on the other side of the hill.

This hill is home to special plants, suited to the environment, and sadly endangered, since the dune is no longer being supplied with sand and is suffering severe natural and anthropic erosion.

To ensure that future generations can continue to benefit from this sensitive landscape, awareness-raising and access-channelling measures are being implemented, which we naturally ask you to kindly respect.

pin_sur_le_sentier_des_vignes_dune _de_sable


Discover the sand hill by walking the vineyard path

from the Port of la Madrague